Sunday, October 24, 2010

Death By Goat

*Disclaimer* If you are related to this man, we are very sorry for your loss.  If you are not related but offended by this post, buzz off.  If you are related and offended, well, I apologized in advance.  

Seriously, I should not think this is as funny as I do....but I do.  Oh well.  Here are some excerpts.
"A 63-year old hiker was killed while hiking in Olympic National Park Saturday and officials suspect a mountain goat is responsible for his death. Officials said the incident remains under investigation, but early investigations indicate that Boardman’s injuries were sustained after an encounter with a mountain goat. Rangers responding to the incident were able to locate the goat, confirm its identity and kill it.  The goat will be transported to a veterinary pathologist for full analysis."

Some thoughts on this include:

"I did not realize mountain goats were so dangerous." 

"Maybe once it gets a taste of human blood it craves more?"

"so....they located the goat and confirmed its identity.  What did they do, ask for his license and insurance?"

 "Oddly enough, you have no idea how much comes up on a google search for "zombie goat" *shudder*"

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