Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jim Bob Duggar is mauled by a saber tooth tiger

What happens when grown women are left alone with plastic childrens toys?  Well, it's not pretty I will tell you that.  Sarah and I felt it was important to involve other grown women in our debauchery but people in our proximity were limited.  So sad that this had to be shared via text message.

Kara- Dude. WTF?
Em- This is what happens when Sarah and I are alone together with childrens toys. LOL.
Kara- LMAO. What is that doll? It looks like Jim Bob Duggar.
Em- We don't know but we think it looks like the kids' principal Mr Burns. LOL.

Jim Bob Duggar, never able to breed again after his unfortunate mauling.
Kara- Poor Jim Bob... lol

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