Tuesday, August 3, 2010

how's about a little side of grilled nessie sandwich?

last night i made soup for dinner. ambitions soup. okay, that's a lie because we all know chicken stock pretty much cooks itself, but i through in a boat load of fresh veggies so as to feel like i did my mothering job. boy child sees me chopping said veggies and this is how it goes:

boy child: what's for dinner, mom?
me: chicken soup
boy child: chicken in soup just doesn't sound right to me
me: *in head* what the fuck? you never heard of chicken soup, kid? what the hell have i been doing all these years when you get sick? *out loud* you know, like chicken soup when people get sick?
boy child: *stares* so what's that? (as he points to the yellow squash i am hacking away at)
me: squash

boy child leaves at this point. probably to go plant himself in front of the ps3, but you know, it's summer, and letting video games entertain my kids is just how i roll.

fast forward to dinner time. boy child comes in to peer into the bowl of this somehow mysterious and sure to be disgusting chicken soup, because after all , what business does chicken have being in a soup? the horror!

boy child: *face brightens up* mom, i've had this before! i've just never had it with the sasquatch in it before!


  1. um, that fucking sasquatch is not supposed to be small. he's a big foot for fuck's sake.

  2. That must have been some pretty hair soup, if it had sasquatch in it. :Þ

  3. And of course, I meant hairy.

  4. hair soup is delicious! So is sasquatch. Mmmmmm, sasquatch. Anyhoo, Gracie is currently refusing to eat the beef barley soup I made for dinner. And it doesn't even have any sasquatch in it.