Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oops I crapped my pants

This is an oldie, but a goody. This post is the reason Sarah and I met. Plus, it's still relevant. Why? Because I would still rather be fat than an overweight pants pooper. Amen.

I am fat. I want to be skinny. On the other hand, I do not want to poop my pants. That is why I will not be purchasing the new weight loss drug ALLI. Here is a quote that I pulled from an MSNBC article on ALLI :

"(I)’ve pooped my pants 3 times today, and sorry to get descriptive but it even leaked onto the couch at one point!” writes one user. " which can be found at :

There is also a list of side effects on ALLI's website. These include:
# You may feel an urgent need to go to the bathroom. Until you have a sense of any treatment effects, it's probably a smart idea to wear dark pants, and bring a change of clothes with you to work
# You may not usually get gassy, but it's a possibility when you take alli. The bathroom is really the best place to go when that happens

OK, how about eating healthy and exercising as opposed to pooping your pants. Im all for losing weight, and I know that eating healthy and exercising are hard (this is why I am still fat), but let me tell you I would rather not poop my pants. It's bad enough to be overwieght. Let alone to be an overweight pants pooper.


  1. Yeah, I would so rather be fat than princess poopie pants.

  2. OMG, I have to say this was hilarious. I feel terrible for those that suffered but it did bring me to laugh on my couch tonight. Thank you, I think.