Thursday, August 12, 2010

It is late and a minion is awake...

For those that would like to picture this our computer is in a small loft area that also serves as a playroom. A hallway is connected to said loft/playroom and Jayden's bedroom is the first room down the hall (so right next to the playroom), then there is a "guest room" (aka the pit of no return), then at the end of the hall is Mia's room. The minions, er, children have been in bed for about 3 hours by now. I am dicking around on the computer trying to avoid the pile of dishes posing a health hazard in my kitchen. Then, I hear it...

A tiny little voice singing....

"I've got your peeeeeniiiisssss... I've got your peeeeeniiiiissss... I'm going to take it downstairs and Jackson will peeeeee-peeee...."

I stop and listen amused because I assume someone is talking in their sleep not only about a penis but giving it to someone else to use to pee. Then, I hear it again. It sounds like Mia, only it is too close to the playroom to be Mia.

I get up, go into Jayden's room and Mia is IN HIS BED with her little mouth right up in his ear singing the above. No wonder poor Jayden doesn't sleep through the night. I'd have nightmares too.


  1. Holy Cats! Poor Jayden, that has to fall under some sort of UN torture ban.
    Mia will some day be supreme ruler of a universe.

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  3. OMG! LMAO. That is tragic. He will probably end up being one of those guys who always has his hand down his pants for fear "someone will up and steal it"